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Slider: A slider is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) component. In other words a slider is a scale with handle a dragged values up/down or left/right. Calling the dojo slider by using the dojo.require("dijit.form.Slider") that provides dijit.form.HorizontalSlider, dijit.form.VerticalSlider and all rules and label classes.
<html> <head>
<link rel="StyleSheet" type="text/css" href="js/dijit/themes/tundra/tundra.css">
<script type="text/javascript">
var djConfig = {
baseScriptUri : "js/dojo/",
parseOnLoad : true
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/dojo/dojo.js"></script>
<script> dojo.require("dijit.form.HorizontalSlider");
</script> </head>
<body class="tundra"><div dojoType="dijit.form.HorizontalSlider" name="caffeine"
value="100“ maximum="175“ minimum="2"
style="margin: 5px;width:300px; height: 20px;">
</div> </body> </html>
When you click the left side button (-) then decrease the value of slider and click the right side button (+) then increase the value of slider
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