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Dijit – Dijit makes a developing and reusing interface components very easy. If you can write HTML and CSS, Dijit allows you to quickly build reusable client side components. It contains js files for reusable components as well as demos.
DOJOX – “Edge of the web” features are being developed in the Dojox namespace. It provides a sandbox where these new components can be added without constrained by the high standard of testing. Individual projects in the dojox contains README file.
DOJOX – Dojo features built-in internationalization and localization support, full accessibility hinting in all Dijit widgets. Infrastructure to support keyboard event handling and the ability to theme all Dijit components using only CSS.
For using any of the components in Dojo toolkit you have to have knowledge of above all folders. You can get all the demos and code for creating a rich UI.
DOJO component
Dojo framework comes up with many components like
  • DOJO Tree
  • DOJO filtering Select
  • DOJO combo box
  • DOJO Button
  • DOJO Calendar control
  • DOJO Grid
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