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Saas - Advantages of SaaS

    • Easy to use – Most SaaS applications do not require more than a web browser to run
    • Cheap- The pay as you go pricing model of SaaS makes it affordable to small businesses and individuals.
    • Scalability: SaaS application can be easily scaled up or down to meet consumer demand. Consumers do not need to worry about additional computing infrastructure to scale up.
    • Applications are less prone to data loss since data is being stored in the cloud.
    • Compared to traditional applications, SaaS applications are less clunky. They do not require users to install/uninstall binary code on their machines
    • Due to the delivery nature of Sass through the internet, SaaS applications are able to run on a wide variety of devices.
    • Allows for better collaboration between teams since the data is stored in a central location.
    • Velocity of change in SaaS applications is much faster.
    • SaaS favors a Agile development life cycle.
  • Software changes and frequent and on-demand. Most Saas services are updated about every 2 weeks and users are most time unaware of these changes.
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