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Saas - Benefits of App Engine

  • Easy to get started
    • With App Engine you write your application code, test it on your local machine and upload it to Google with a simple click of a button or command line script. Once your application is uploaded to Google we host and scale your application for you
  • Free and risk-free development
    • You can create an account and publish an application that people can use right away at no charge, and with no obligation. When you need to use more resources, you can enable billing and allocate your budget according to your needs
  • Automatic Scalability
    • No matter how many users you have or how much data your application stores, App Engine can scale to meet your needs.
  • The reliability, performance and security of Google infrastructure
    • Trustable: The same security, privacy and data protection policies we have for Google's applications applies to all App Engine applications.
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