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Saas - Drawbacks of SaaS

    • Robustness:
  • SaaS software may not be as robust (functionality wise) as traditional software applications due to browser limitations. Consider Google Doc & Microsoft Office.
    • Privacy
  • Having all of a user’s data sit in the cloud raises security & privacy concerns. SaaS providers are usually the target of hack exploits e.g. Google servers have been the target of exploits purportedly from China in the last several years
    • Security
  • Attack detection, malicious code detection
    • Reliability:
  • In the rare event of a SaaS provider going down, a wide range of dependent clients could be affected. For example, when Amazon EC2 service went down in April 2011, it took down FourSquare, Reddit, Quora and other well known applications that run on it.
  • We shall discuss each of these issues in more details in the next section
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