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Saas - SaaS and web 2.0 development

  • Software as a service methodology has had a significant impact on the development of modern web 2.0 applications. This is especially evident in modern web development frameworks.
  • Consider the following common use cases:
    • Most secure modern web applications use captcha images as a way of preventing form submissions by web bots and other automated entities.
    • Facebook, twitter, Google+ site integrations are common social integrations. This could be simple things such as like, tweets or +1 buttons or more complex such as identity notification and single sign on.
    • Many web applications make use of URL shortening services to enable easyto- read, transferable URLs.
    • Many news sites, online magazines and blogs power their commenting features by integrating web services from service providers such as Disqus, IntenseDebate and Facebook comments API
    • Google Maps, Calendar and Youtube are now very common as embeds in many websites. Given their dynamic structure, they are more appealing compared to static map images or calendars.
    • In the following section, we examine the impact of SaaS methodology on the Zend Framework for PHP. Other popular web development frameworks such as Ruby on Rails share a similar influence
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