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Saas - What is SaaS?

  • Definition: Software as a Service (SaaS), a.k.a. ondemand software, is a software delivery model in which software and its associated data are hosted centrally and accessed using a thin-client, usually a web browser over the internet. – Wikipedia
  • Simply put, SaaS is a method for delivering software that provides remote access to software as a webbased service. The software service can be purchased with a monthly fee and pay as you go.
  • Where does the term SaaS come from?
    • The SAAS acronym allegedly first appeared in an article called "Strategic Backgrounder: Software As A Service", internally published in February 2001 by the Software & Information Industry’s eBusiness Division
  • Multi-tenant architecture
    • Virtualization as a alternative
  • Pricing model
    • pay as we go, relatively low cost for user provisioning
  • Configuration and customization
    • Easy for application customization
  • Accelerated feature delivery
    • It means a much shorter release cycle
  • Open integration protocols
    • Typically based on HTTP, JSON,REST, SOAP
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