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Weblogic - CHECKLIST

In this chapter, you acquired necessary information about WebLogic Server and useful skills required for a quick start to administering the WebLogic application server. Here are the key aspects related to WebLogic Server:

■ HTTP service is built into WebLogic Server.
■ WebLogic Server is the platform of choice for deploying and running J2EE enterprise Java applications.
■ WebLogic Server has two types of containers: the Web container and the EJB container.
■ Java servlets, JSPs, and static pages can be deployed and run in Web containers.
■ EJBs can be deployed and run in EJB containers.
■ With J2EE 1.3, resource adapters can now be used to connect to EIS.
■ Development and production environments are different animals.
■ Setting the CLASSPATH variable enables applications to locate the relevant application-specific Java classes.
■ The config.xml file contains all configurations settings for the WebLogic domain.
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