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With each new version of WebLogic Server, new features help ease development, deployment, and administration tasks. In addition, facilities and enhancements help developers make applications more secure, robust, and reliable. Versions of WebLogic Server since 6.x have initiated support for Web services, enhanced and improved the security infrastructure, provided new tools useful to application developers such as EJBGen and Deployer, brought about major enhancements to ease administration of various J2EE components, and made application deployment a more comfortable process.

WebLogic Server 7 also includes enhancements concerning administration of caching and clustering. With the help of WebLogic Server 7 cache tags, administrators can configure caching for entire pages, URLs, and file types. The most exciting aspect of the cache tags enhancement is its ease of use—there is no need for administrators to make any changes to the application, and the system can realize an immediate gain in performance.

With WebLogic Server 6.x, a multi-home environment was necessary, in which each server within the cluster had its own IP address. So, for example, even if you wanted to set up a cluster environment on a single computer, you needed to set up the multi-home environment, in which multiple IPs exists on a single computer.
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